Innovative Shipping Solutions

Bore constantly progresses for sustainable shipping solutions through innovative partnerships for a green future at sea.

The Bore Environmental Agenda

To improve the environmental footprint of shipping, Bore is actively cooperating with different partners in maritime expertise.
Green technology is an essential part of these cooperations, which have resulted in projects such as the instalment of two Rotor Sails onboard Bore’s vessel M/V Estraden as part of a collaboration with the Finnish marine engineering company Norsepower. The rotor sails has demonstrated significant savings in fuel consumption and promotes new ideas for green shipping.
Other upgraded technology to reduce vessel emissions has been installed onboard the vessels in Bore’s fleet, such as the scrubbers onboard M/V Bore Song and M/V Seagard.
Equally, Frequency Drives, led lighting , the NAPA voyage optimisation system and combinatory modes are continuously utilized within Bore’s fleet for energy sufficient transport. Bore’s RoFlex® vessels are forerunners in eco-compatible shipping and has implemented several solutions for environmental sustainability. Equipped with certified Ballast Water Treatment System, and with eco-friendly solutions such as minimum hull resistance, advanced engine and propeller systems that reduces the energy consumption, Bore’s RoFlex® vessels are unique contenders for sustainable shipping.

These eco-compatible solutions have reduced the fleet’s emission and significantly improved Bore’s fuel-efficiency, which shows the company’s dedication to its customers as well as the environment at sea。