Meet our people

Hear directly from some of our people about the part they play in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of our hydrogen fuel cell products and what it is like to work at Intelligent Energy.


Assembly & Test Lead

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“The business has a culture and ethos which encourages and supports you to enhance your working knowledge and skills”

Intelligent Energy is a fast paced and dynamically evolving environment.  Day to day challenges mean I can apply my knowledge and skills across a wide range of tasks in order to achieve results. The company offers a great working experience, with the opportunity to get involved in diverse projects with high level global partners and businesses from supply chain to customer.

腾讯体育In my role as Assembly and Test Lead I am involved with the first product prototypes, from design right through the process to assembling and testing a finished product.  I enjoy the team working and interaction between departments to deliver the best product possible to the customer.

腾讯体育I’ve been with Intelligent Energy for ten years and I enjoy the diversity of work and the ability to offer feedback into the process. It is great to be part of a business that has a wealth of talent, leading world class technology and that is working towards providing solutions to solve future energy and environmental challenges for the world.

In my ten years at Intelligent Energy I believe it is my flexible approach, openness to new ideas, tenacity and effective communication skills that have enabled me to succeed.


腾讯体育Senior Test & Validation Engineer

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“The opportunity to work on different tasks and projects allows me to learn new skills and work with different people across the business”

腾讯体育It is great to work in an enjoyable and friendly environment and be part of the team with highly skilled people.  It is also challenging, as every day is different.  I can make suggestions for any improvements that may benefit the business and am able to organise and plan my own workload around the business requirements.

I joined Intelligent Energy in 2009 as an Assembly Technician and have been able to progress, alongside my academic studies, to the role of Senior Test & Validation Engineer.  In this role I’m not only conducting tests and producing reports but I am also involved from the early stage of product development.

腾讯体育I feel that determination and the confidence to take up new challenges are key to being successful at Intelligent Energy.


Research Engineer

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“I really enjoy being part of a company which works on industry leading technology and products

腾讯体育I joined Intelligent Energy in August 2018 and I am thrilled to be able to contribute and make a difference within my team and the wider business. I have good team leaders who know how to coach and support me, which is incredibly important for me as a newcomer to the industry.

腾讯体育In my role as Research Engineer, I conduct research and testing of new and existing fuel cell technologies, developing technical solutions to deliver business objectives.  I enjoy learning new things every day and when I have any technical questions or need support there is always someone to help me. 

腾讯体育I enjoy learning and adapting to new situations and my role affords me the opportunity do this.  My teamwork and communication skills help me every day.


腾讯体育Senior LabVIEW Test Development Engineer

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“There is a real sense of purpose to work for a company like Intelligent Energy”

腾讯体育I joined the business in July 2018 and am finding it exciting to be able to collaborate with a team who are driven and passionate about making a positive contribution to the world around us.  It feels like I am working for a visionary, product focused company, where scientific discovery and engineering innovation is happening.

In my role I develop software defined automated test, measurement and embedded control systems. The projects I work on can range from computer-based sensor logging applications to more advanced control rigs for validation and verification and even development of automated test systems for production test.

腾讯体育The key skills required in my role are for me to be able to fully understand application requirements and manage my development time and projects to meet delivery expectations for my stakeholders. The role often requires good technical troubleshooting, problem-solving and communication skills with a focus on the end user and their needs. In my development approach I apply suitable software design patterns and architectures and creatively engineer solutions. 


Principal Electrical & Electronics Engineer

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“I am working with people with diverse knowledge and always learning something new”

腾讯体育Since joining Intelligent Energy, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects which have been demanding but also very interesting.  My proudest achievement has been working as part of the team that successfully delivered a finished project to a large automotive OEM.

I joined the Company in July 2013 as a Senior Electrical & Electronics Engineer.  I progressed to Principal Engineer in September 2017 and am responsible for leading electrical & electronic design and development work packages on our evaporatively cooled programme.  I really enjoy the opportunity to get involved in the science of the products.

腾讯体育Some of the key skills required not just in my role but across the Product Development team are the ability to learn quickly on the job and to apply a variety of engineering techniques.


Master Scheduler

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“Intelligent Energy offers a friendly environment with people genuinely driven to making a difference”

I have been with Intelligent Energy since 2014 and it is great to be part of such a customer focused environment. Day to day, we interact across a number of projects and teams to enable us to meet our objectives. 

Intelligent Energy has enabled me to take the next step in my career.  In my role I am responsible for creating and maintaining demand plans within our ERP system in line with project and or product needs, to drive availability of materials in line with lead-time and expectations.  I am particularly proud of being part of the ERP launch team, including training others in how to use the system.

Due to the different stages of the product development lifecycle, skills such as organisation, clear communication and the ability to adapt are important at Intelligent Energy.